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Planning & Marketing

Marine Tourism Marketing Strategy

Our client was the Marine Tourism Marketing Council. We conducted a baseline survey to profile the current marketing activities of marine tourism operators in B.C. We identified opportunities for long range cooperative marketing for this tourism sector.

Partners in Tourism (PIT) Marketing Evaluation

We assessed the current situation and identified recommendations to measure and evaluate PIT project results for the nine regional tourism associations in British Columbia.

Island Sail-Treks, Victoria, B.C.

We developed and marketed a variety of coastal adventure and ecotourism packages throughout B.C.

Policy discussion paper on Regional Tourism Planning Opportunities for Tourism Canada, Victoria, B.C.

Examined each region of the Province to highlight the opportunities for resort, touring, and outdoor recreation/eco-tourism development.


Marine tourism strategy for B.C., Tourism Canada, Vancouver, B.C.

We examined the size and market potential for the major marine tourism products such as sports fishing, boat chartering, SCUBA diving, eco-tours, coastal resorts, and communities.

Trec International marine tourism marketing strategy and evaluation