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Urban Mixed Use Development for Downtown & Town Centers

Benchmarking for Master planned communities, pedestrian MXD's & Town Centre Developments, we created an analogue of success criteria, land uses, assessment of CARE (Cultural Arts Recreation Retail & Entertainment) facilities, along with the marketing and development history associated with large master planned communities, pedestrian oriented MXD projects, Transit Oriented Developments (TOD), and major town centre developments situated in the Vancouver, Kelowna, Vernon, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Miami/Boca Raton, FL and Los Angeles, CA regions.

Mixed Use Development in British Columbia

Downtown Woodward's MXD Centre

We provided market driven retail development & merchandising strategy for this historic adaptive use of Woodward’s department store located at the fringe of Gastown in a decaying perimeter area of Vancouver’s downtown core. Once we were armed with strategic market and economic facts & figures, strong retail anchors were secured. Retail and restaurant uses were instrumental in bringing the area back to life, to create a vibrant, safer and healthier environment that the area had historically known. This encouraged the attraction of both market and affordable multi-family housing, offices, university space, and other cultural uses as part of this mixed use, urban redevelopment project.

Portside Mixed Use Waterfront Development & Convention Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

We examined the retail potential and merchandising strategy, including interest from retail and entertainment operators, for this extensive redevelopment of Vancouver's waterfront. Situated next to Gastown and the downtown core, the planned uses were an extension to the trade & convention centre, cruise terminal, seabus/skytrain station, and 1000 room Marriott hotel.

Multi-Purpose Centre, Prince George, B.C.

We completed a market study examining the viability and size of the conference facilities, art gallery, and performing arts centre in the city of Prince George.

Downtown Vernon Association Concept & Vision Plan, Vernon, B.C.

An economic development, transportation, urban design, and land use planning strategy stimulated additional revitalization to the downtown core.

Gastown, Vancouver, B.C.

Visioning and marketing strategy for the revitalization of historic Gastown to encourage higher resident and tourism (off season) visitation and sales.

Downtown Vernon, Revelstoke & Squamish, B.C.

Market studies, merchandising and implementation plans which included an address of specific issues facing the downtown, as well as preparation of a business recruitment package to assist in attracting specific merchants to downtown Vernon, Revelstoke, and Squamish.

International Downtown Mixed Use Development

Urban entertainment center in a large downtown mixed use development (MXD), Phoenix, Arizona

A market study and merchandising strategy for the retail and entertainment component of this pedestrian oriented MXD helped revitalize the downtown & stimulate additional tourism.

The Rocks, Sydney Australia

Concept plan, retail and commercial redevelopment and merchandising strategy for the one of the oldest and renowned historic area of Sydney. Review of marketing plan to reposition this cultural district as a significant tourist and regional resident attraction.

Studio City, Sydney Australia

We assessed the opportunity for the most appropriate types of retail and entertainment components for commercial development, including a major office tower and Paddy’s Market.

Wellington, New Zealand

We created a highest & Best Use Development Strategy for a downtown mixed use site.

Auckland, New Zealand

We conducted development planning and market opportunity analysis for the redevelopment of under-utilized railway yards situated near the waterfront to a major retail, residential and office complex.

International Town Center Mixed Use Development

Robina Town Centre, Gold Coast region, Queensland, Australia

For this over 1.5 Billion dollar MXD Project, a highest & best use development strategy and master plan was needed for a large new multi-faceted, pedestrian oriented town center development serving the entire region (300,000 pop.). Land uses we examined included various types of retail and commercial uses, high technology/office/business park, hotel, arts & cultural facilities, entertainment, residential, and open space/recreational uses.

Bond University, Australia’s First Private University, Gold Coast, Queensland

Commercial and residential development strategies for residual lands around the university; based on both local market conditions as well as comparable North American universities.

Newcastle Waterfront & Cultural District Revitalization, New South Whales, Australia

Situated at the gateway of the Hunter Valley, one of Australia's premiere wine regions, development and marketing strategies were identified to revitalize both the waterfront and adjacent cultural district.

New Town Center in Concepcion, Chile

Highest & best use development strategy including a regional shopping centre, office, hotel, and other commercial development.

New Town Centers, Santiago, Chile

Mixed Use Development Opportunity Analysis and Marketing Guidelines for repositioning two regional shopping centers into major town centres and tourism attractions. One of these is situated next to a planned subway extension linking it to the downtown core of Santiago.