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The TREC Team

Mick Matheusick Founding principal of Trec International


Mick Matheusik, Founding Principal of TREC International Inc., is accredited as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and has over 30 years’ experience managing and conducting a diverse range of real estate development and business studies.Mick Matheusik B, E.S., M. Sc., CMC.

Prior to forming TREC International in 1997, Mick was employed by two of North America’s leading tourism/hospitality/leisure and retail consulting firms for 12 years where he managed consulting offices in Queensland, Australia and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

He worked extensively in many different real estate settings throughout the dominant trend setting market areas of the U.S., Australia, and Canada applying his experience to unique projects located worldwide. His extensive experience predominantly entailed unique often trend setting projects which require creative thinking and typically results in differentiated yet very successful and sustainable projects in their respective markets and communities. Having worked on many different types of projects as well as with leading professional associations has provided TREC with a richly detailed understanding of what works and what should be avoided.

TREC International Inc. frequently supplements this in-house knowledge with independent industry case studies to ensure objectivity on key success factors.

Mick Matheusik’s experience and knowledge in retailing and recreational/leisure based projects has been recognized by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) based in Washington, DC. Indeed, he was a contributing author to many of ULI's Development Handbooks, on Retail, Resort and Commercial Facilities. He attends and frequently speaks at North American and International conferences. In April 2014, he co-chaired the very successful program for ULI’s Spring Conference in Vancouver BC, the first time it was held outside of the US.

Mick Matheusik holds a Master of Science degree in Tourism and Leisure Sciences (Development and Marketing) from Texas A&M University (USA), a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Urban & Regional Geography and Planning from the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada), and an advanced leasing accreditation by ICSC from Michigan State University. He regularly gives presentations at professional development courses and annual conferences held by the IDA, ICSC, and ULI, ISPA and other leading institutions and associations.

Mick Matheusik formed TREC International Inc. with a mission to provide his clients with an individualized, objective, creative & specialized high level of service in the Tourism, Recreation, Retail, and Economic Consulting fields. He is personally involved in all aspects of projects.

To ensure plan or study recommendations are better implemented, Mick obtained his real estate brokerage license in 2003 and joined NAI Commercials Vancouver office where he is Vice President of Retail & Leisure Properties (see Through NAI, he leverages NAI Global's 6,500 brokers located in over 400 offices worldwide to serve his clients.


Danny Nanavaty, bachelor of Arts in Urban geography and spatial information systems 

Danny Nanavaty, B.A. (Urban Geography & GIS)

Danny Nanavaty graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Geography and spatial information systems. He has 15 years of experience conducting commercial real estate research and analysis, as well as formulating market and economic data. Working with TREC International Inc. since 2003, he has been involved with retail, shopping center, recreation, tourism and mixed use development projects including:

  • Redevelopment and Increasing Use & Revenues at a Provincial Park;
  • Market Study, Development Strategy and Business Recruitment Strategy for a large Power Centre,Hotel, and Sports Arena development;
  • the Revitalization of Squamish's Business Core,
  • Retail Strategy for the District of Squamish & City of Revelstoke,
  • as well as the Market Study for a destination spa resort at Takhini Hot Springs Resort.

He has also completed market surveys and customer analyses for two prominent retail and tourism organizations, namely the International Downtown Association (based in Washington, DC) and the Council of Tourism Associations in BC.


Joanna Dale, market researcher and analyst for Trec International 

Joanna Dale, B.A.

Joanna Dale is a market researcher and analyst for TREC International and specializes in data collection, research, statistical analysis, and report presentation including graphical/ imagery production. She utilizes all aspects of data collection methods, data analysis and processing systems. She has extensive computer and data processing skills and experience in identifying data processing requirements, managing and implementation of large volume surveys and statistical analysis. Joanna is also well versed with the Point of View Survey System and on-line survey techniques. Joanna has completed numerous assignments across BC, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Ontario, the Caribbean and West Africa.