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Project Driven, Results Oriented Economic Development & Feasibility Studies

Stave Lake, Mission BC. ‘Market Driven’ Commercial Recreation Development Strategy

Stave West Forest and Recreation Area Project team, District of Mission and Kwantlen First Nation engaged us to objectively assess the most appropriate form of campground/RV parks and types of fixed roof accommodation facilities as well as associated recreation development recommendations for facilities, programs & events.

Our development strategy addressed the needs of the three co-management parties: The District of Mission, the Kwantlen First Nation & Ministry of Forests, and Lands & Natural Resource Operations along with other stakeholders including the adjacent Zajac Health & Wellness Ranch for families and special needs children.

We identified seven different types of campgrounds and other types of accommodation (incl. comfort camping and spa/health/wellness) encompassing 650 sites were identified and designed to address the various user groups.

Repositioning & Economic Development Strategy for Mt. Washington Alpine Resort Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Trend visioning, benchmarking and stakeholder input contributed to reposition this regional winter ski mountain operation into a year-round resort destination. This included a multitude of outdoor and indoor recreation activities, events, and programs dramatically increased utilization and revenues from existing and newly developed buildings and infrastructure.

Commercial real estate strategy for a planned resort village. As part of this process, TREC implemented the public engagement process using both on site electronic survey terminals (Point of View'99 Survey System) and mail surveys to determine market needs, real estate preferences and habitual activities.

Results for our clients: With the recommended visioning and developed facilities, MT Washington hosted 15 Olympic teams from around the world to train prior to the 2010 Olympic games held in Whistler and Vancouver. Developed facilities included a new Nordic/Multipurpose lodge, an Alpine Training Institute complete with meeting and lodging rooms, new ski lifts, new retail and commercial facilities and a variety of residential units.

Mt Sima Strategic Economic Development & Sustainability Plan - Great Northern Ski Society, Whitehorse, YK

Mt Sima hosted the Winter Commonwealth Games in 2006. Part of their post-games legacy was an underutilized day lodge which needed increased use and revenue.

Our objective was to provide Mount Sima with a list of redevelopment and operational options to become self-sustainable. Our methodology included an overview of both Northern BC/Alberta, Alaskan, and other North American small ski areas, outdoor recreation destinations, and tourism trends. We also conducted a general resident and tourism market assessment & stakeholder input in the Whitehorse area.

We used the Point of View'99 Survey System at recreation centers and community gathering venues in the city to gather feedback on potential options for development and programming at the Mountain.

Results for our clients: Alpine day lodge, base area and ski lifts were repurposed to accommodate additional user groups, programs, and events throughout the year to increase both use and revenues.


Trec International project driven, result oriented economic development

Takhini Hot Springs, Yukon, YK Visioning & Market Feasibility to Diversify & Maximize Land Use

TREC’s tools and techniques included trend analysis, benchmarking and surveys utilizing the Point of View Survey System to derive a unified vision for the 43 shareholders and associated stakeholders of a privately held hot springs located on 325 acres just outside the City of Whitehorse, YK.

We prepared a market feasibility study and development strategy for lands surrounding the hot springs. The development called for a variety of eco-fixed roof accommodation offering outdoor recreation and health/wellness programs.

Driftwood Farms Eco-Rejuvenation Retreat Denman Island, B.C.

Visioning, market & economic feasibility assessment and programs for a health/wellness retreat along with a business plan and rezoning of a 67-acre coastal tract of land on Denman Island, BC. We developed guidelines to ensure both existing and new buildings and other structures are well integrated with the environment.

We commissioned & coordinated transportation consultants, environmental engineers, architects, landscape architects and health professionals to ensure the development footprint minimized impact, and, in some cases, enhanced the environment. We designed community resident and tourists’ surveys using the Point of ViewTM Survey System to assess what facilities and programs they would be most interested in patronizing once the retreat was developed.