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Economic Assessments for First Nations

Retail Market Study, Sacking First Nation, Fort Alexander, Manitoba

We developed a viability and merchandising strategy for the planned Sacking Town Centre complex including preliminary financial, operating pro forma, and return on investment (ROI) analysis.

Business Recruitment Package & Securing Anchor Tenants’ & Developer Interest, Sacking First Nation, Fort Alexander, Manitoba

We needed to prepare a concise marketing information package that was sent to key tenants for the purpose of securing their interest to the Sagkeeng Town Centre. We secured developer interest to work together with the Band to develop this mixed use development.

KPMG and Tribal Councils Investment Group, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Retail and commercial development strategy for remote and partially remote native communities in Canada’s North.

KPMG The Pas, MB

Market opportunity for a wholesale/distribution center to service residential, commercial and institutional capital projects in northern Manitoba, east central Saskatchewan, northwestern Ontario and Nunavut.

Remerchandising and development expansion strategy for Duncan Mall, situated on Cowichan First Nation land

Prepared for the purposes of revitalizing this community mall as well as identifying its expansion potential and attracting new tenants to the mall expansion. 

Retail Opportunity Study, Samson Reserve. Hobbema, Alberta

Development and merchandising strategy for the Samson Mall including preliminary financial and operating pro forma analysis.

Business Plan, Samson Mall, Hobbema, Alberta

Preparation of a business plan completed to assist in attracting financing and tenants to this shopping centre.

Commercial Development Opportunity for the Kehewin Tribal Administration, Bonnyville, Alberta

Viability of commercial development at various sites being considered for this use. Uses examined included: service station/convenience stores; restaurant/fast food; arts & crafts; and personal services such as a health centre, daycare, and offices.

Retail Feasibility Analysis (Phase I), Kehewin Reserve, near St. Paul, and Leasing and Financial Assessment (Phase II) for the Kehewin Development Corporation, Bonnyville, Alberta

Development and merchandising strategy identifying the optimum size and type of retail and office development serving both the reserve residents as well as non-residents. We also identified several potential funding options.

Business Plan, Retail/Health Centre Facility, Long Lake Reserve, near Bonnyville, Alberta

Prepared for the Long Lake Cree Nation Band, this business plan identified the optimum retail and commercial development for a site on the reserve as well as a marketing strategy, management & organization structure, and financial statements.