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Point-of-View™ Survey System  




FAQ about Point-of-View System

How it Works:

The Point-of-View survey unit is a low cost, user friendly research tool.  Point-of-View™ survey systems (POVSS) are designed to collect, analyze and report real-time data.  With this information, management is able to make more informed decisions.  POVSS utilizes computer technology to provide highly accurate data, gathered in a much quicker and more confidential manner than traditional in-person, mail or telephone surveys.

One of the best features of the POVSS survey unit is its ease of use for both the customer and the researcher.  It allows for branching, multiple response, rank order, programmed logic, multiple languages, random question response rotation, remote loading/downloading and the data can be imported into most statistical software packages.  The survey unit has 0 – 10 numeric buttons, an "ON" button and a back-up button, allowing for quick, easy, high yielding and accurate surveys.   Its simplicity makes it a great intercept tool.

The boxes have been located in venues throughout North America, and overseas including: resort villages, downtowns, retail stores and shopping centres, restaurants, museums, attractions, and recreation facilities, community events, transportation sites and facilities, hospitals and clinics as well as at tradeshows and conferences

The Point-of-View™ Survey System works this way:

  • A survey is created on a PC, then loaded into the survey box via a cable.
  • The box is placed in a location where customers are invited to use it.
  • Customers punch in their answers to the questions on the simple, easy-to-use keyboard.
  • All responses are time-dated and stored in the survey unit.
  • The data is downloaded to a PC -- via cable or modem -- for statistical analysis and production of tables and charts.

In sum, the main advantages of the Point-of-View Survey System™  are:

  • Significant cost savings over traditional research methods;
  • Response rates are much higher than you are likely to obtain with any alternative system;
  • Customers’ reactions are as "fresh", truthful, and accurate as they can possibly be;
  • You get feedback as often as you want, almost instantaneously; and,
  • You have flexibility of survey design and structure.

The Benefits

  • Eliminate paper and pencil surveys and data entry
  • Survey more often for less money
  • User friendly - easy and fun for your customers/participants
  • Confidential
  • Reliable results
  • Fast turnaround of data – real time
  • Flexibility of survey design – branching, multi-language, etc.
  • Create and revise easily – no printing – environmentally friendly
  • Self-contained, portable, battery operated and modem capable
  • Frees up valuable time

How Point-of-View™ Works for You

  • Intercept tool
  • Customer/visitor/patient needs, attitudes, opinions, preferences, satisfaction programs and feedback on key issues/opportunities
  • Short and/or long term
  • Telephone no./area or zip codes
  • TREC provides:
  • .survey design and implementation
  • .data analysis and full reporting capabilities
  • .colour graphs, trending and trade area mapping
  • .strategic advice and recommendations

Venues for Point-of-View™ Surveys

  • Tourist Attractions
  • Resorts/Recreation & Cultural Facilities
  • Festivals/ Events
  • Restaurants/Foodservices
  • Downtowns/Retail Stores/Shopping Centres
  • Transportion Facilities
  • Educational & Human Resources
  • Tradeshows/Conferences/Meetings 

Partial Client List:


District of Squamish,  City of Revelstoke
Retail Council of Canada
Coast Mountain Sports Ltd.
Capers Whole Foods Markets and Restaurants
Tourism British Columbia
Council of Tourism Associations
Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association
Gastown Business Improvement Association
Downtown Vernon Association
Cariboo Tourism Association & Kootenay Country Tourist Association
Royal British Columbia Museum
CN IMAX Theatre
Resort Forum
International Council of Shopping Centers
Native Investment Trade Association
Sto Lo Nation Economic Development
Whistler, Big White, Cypress and Mt. Washington Ski Resorts



Marriot Corporation, Washington D.C.
Intrawest Retail Group
Pikes Peak Attractions Association
Museum Store Association
The Sackler Gallery, A Smithsonian Institution
City of Fort Collins, CO. (Library, Parks and Recreation)
International Downtown Association
Vail Associates
Beaver Creek/Vail, CO.
Chicago Academy of Science